Let's play to achieve

A playful identity for Pointvoucher.com

It’s all fun
and games

Pointvoucher.com is a loyalty platform that helps entertainment companies connect to new customers. By playing Point Voucher powered mobile games, customers win vouchers for their favorite amusement parks and other adventurous destinations. We based their new identity on fun and playful activities and fleshed it all out into a set of animated illustrations.


The illustrations are based on the logotype shape, each revealing a playful universe inspired by things that are pleasant: an ice-cream, a mini-golf course, a swimming pool, a race circuit, ... The style of the illustrations can vary, but will often include dots which are a part of the Pointvoucher.com identity.

Logo Construction

The logo is the combination of the first letters of Point Voucher. Combined, the P and V form a heart shaped icon which is stable and friendly. The heart is also a reference to the gaming world where it often illustrates the life of a character.

Landing Page

An attractive page to start showing the products of Point Voucher. The page should appeal to potential partners, but also create buzz around their games and keep consumers in the loop about new games and activities.

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With creative freedom, Spring/Summer came up with all the elements for the identity including the logo itself, color palette, illustrations and elements to build a site from.