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We're anchored in Copenhagen Denmark, born out of the Scandinavian design philosophies where functionality meets aesthetics and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Based on a strategic foundation, we build services, shops, apps, experiences, brand identities, create content and help our clients tell stories about their products.
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Acorn Bioventures / AIAIAI / American Express / Cargolux / Clever / Cofoco / DIKO / Implement Consulting Group / Normaillot / Paco Rabanne / Roskilde Festival / Stine Goya / UIA Conference 2023
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Working with Spring/Summer is a great experience. They have a mind-boggling attention to detail and a clever approach to user experience, which lifts the overall impression for the user and makes the process of getting there, a breeze.

Michael Kønig, B&O

We work with brands helping them become stronger, sell more products and create better user experiences for their customers. Spring/Summer was born 5 years ago and has since launched over 60 projects, won over 150 awards and have helped our clients grow their businesses.
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