Engelbrechts furniture

Celebrating originality and the people behind it

Modern and timeless furniture

ENGELBRECHTS A/S is a furniture manufacturer established in 1989 and working in close collaboration with designers and other specialists to develop modern and timeless furniture for the perceptive and quality-conscious user.


The furniture maker Engelbrechts was nearing the 10th anniversary for their website when they asked us to create a new digital platform for them. The goal was not only to bring the site’s brand expression and user experience up to date, but also to integrate e-commerce and make the furniture available to consumers, a relatively new market segment for Engelbrechts.

You better sit down for this...

Behind the development of all Engelbrechts’ furniture is an experienced designer. They all work with the philosophy to create aesthetic, sculptural and functional furniture – where everything superfluous is cut away. Based on brand work from brand studio Homework, we set out to make this design heritage come alive online and defined a range of elements to build it from. Carefully orchestrated typography and grid became the base of the highly branded commerce solution we ended up making for them.

See for yourself

By clicking the button below, you will be taken to the Engelbrechts website, which is fully responsive and carefully crafted, and get yourself a nice chair or two.

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We helped Engelbrechts define the visual and navigational concepts based on brand work done by Homework. After having defined the overall concepts we went to sketch out the core user experience and started trying out different approaches to code the unique navigation and shopping flows. It was all designed, concepted and coded inhouse at the Spring/Summer factory.