Fashion, Food
and Music

A color coded recipe app for Japanese clothing brand Uniqlo

A wonderful mix of food, style and music

We were briefed to create an experience that could fuse food and style by highlighting the wonderful colors and textures that tie them together.

Sketching out the UX

To kick off the project, we headed to New York to gather the team and establish the foundation of the apps. On the flight there, we produced the first series of sketched wireframes directly on an iPad, which became the foundation of the user experience. Doing them on the iPad made it possible to quickly get an idea of sizes and flows.

Recipes inspired by Uniqlo

Six emerging chefs from around the United States developed recipes inspired by Uniqlo's LifeWear philosophy. Twenty-four original recipes were created using everyday ingredients and common cooking techniques. A unique blend of fine dining and comfort food, each recipe is easy to prepare at home. Food and style fuse to highlight relationships between the colours and textures. Each chef's look can be purchased easily through the app. Original music, food and style combine perfectly in a timer featuring cooking sounds. The timer can be used on its own or as part of every recipe.

Apple's Best of 2013

Named Apple's Best of 2013 in 9 countries including the US. Ranked No.1 in the App Store in 29 countries including the US. Today, if you go into and look at the iPads in there, you will find some suggested apps. The first app in the cooking list is Uniqlo Recipe! Two years after the app was released, Apple still thinks it's the best cooking app for the iPad.

Get the app

Our role in this project included taking part in the overall concept development plus making the UX design, visual design and art direction for the iPad and iPhone app plus supporting websites. Made with Projector.