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Capturing the essence of Implement Consulting Group in their new online headquarters, continuing a collaborative partnership that dates back to 2017

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Launch of platform. Strategy, Structure, Design & Development. Year 2023


Our collaboration with Implement dates back to 2017 when our objective was to encapsulate the essence of this rapidly expanding consultancy, creating an online headquarters that authentically mirrored the experience of stepping into their physical spaces. The initial site launch in 2018 proved to be a resounding success, earning numerous awards. It served as a cultural mirror, reflecting the working environment accurately.

Presenting the all-new site, crafted on Craft CMS. This iteration mirrors the company's evolution from 'Always in Beta' to a more established and refined tone while retaining its tailored essence, distinguishing it within their industry.

Introducing Implement Consulting Group 2023.

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Thoughtful First Impressions

A company evolves gradually, and some times it is hard to see the big changes that has happened over the years when you are in the middle of it, but changing visual expression and online surroundings really emphasize the big change they have gone through. We at Spring/Summer put a lot of pride in being able to capture the feeling, the rhythm and the DNA of a company and translate that into online impressions. 

We did that in 2018, and now in 2023 and it even though it shows a clear red thread, it also reveals a massive change for the organisation. We are proud of how we have captured that once again.

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Content flow and overflow

Implement generates a substantial amount of content and operates as a multifaceted corporation. A significant aspect of the directive was to enhance the site's clarity, structuring it to efficiently direct visitors based on their specific purposes. The objective also involved refining and harmonizing the content to align with visitors' perspectives. The newly introduced Insights section seamlessly integrates within the context while also possessing its distinctive magazine-style presentation.

The primary gateways to access Implement's services and offerings are through the Industries and Expertise areas. Additionally, the redesigned jobs section significantly expands the range of possibilities available on the new site.

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Launch of platform. Strategy, Structure, Design & Development. Year 2023


Our work with Implement goes back to 2017 where we embarked on capturing the DNA of the rapidly growing consultancy and making an online HQ for them that truly reflects the feeling of stepping in to their physical spaces. The first version of the site was launched in 2018 and proved to be a massive success for them. Not only did it win a lot of awards, it also helped bring the company even more together by being a cultural-mirror of how it is working there.

Now we bring you a completely new site, build on Craft CMS. It reflects a new state of the company that goes from being "Always in Beta" to a much more settled and established tone, that still feels very tailored and stands out in their space.

Introducing Implement Consulting Group 2023.