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New faces

🌴 Pelle Martin
🌴 Frederik Dufva
🌴 Jeppe Kruse
🌴 Henrik Dahlqvist
🌴 Sander Kuypers
🌴 Christina Holmstoel
🌴 Jennie Ericsson
🌴 Niels Lyngsøe

Main Clients

🦩 F.C.Copenhagen
🦩 Victoria’s Secret
🦩 YouSee
🦩 Georg Jensen

Spring/Summer is born

In 2011 Pelle, Jeppe Kruse started an early version of Spring/Summer with Stine Hein and Felix Nielsen of Relax we are the good guys (RWATGG) and we had a number of clients together; Georg Jensen, Shamballa Jewels and a few others. This was a freelance come-together and at the middle of 2012 we decided to end that, as Stine and Felix moved to Berlin to start Bacon de Czar. Pelle wanted to start from fresh, but continue to use the Spring/Summer name which everybody was okay with - and that is the S/S we know today with work day zero at Jan 1 2013. Jeppe was part of the new Spring/Summer too and we brought Frederik Dufva on board as Account Director. 

We rented a nice office space at Nørrebrogade which would become our home for the next six years. One month in Henrik Dahlqvist and Sander Kuypers joined as a young but strong design team. 

We were in business!

2013 Office Wip
M 2013 Office Wip
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Page widgets

Uniqlo Recipe App

Six emerging chefs from around the United States developed recipes inspired by Uniqlo's LifeWear philosophy.

A wonderful mix of food, style and music.

We were briefed to create an experience that could fuse food and style by highlighting the wonderful colors and textures that tie them together.

To kick off the project, we headed to New York to gather the team and establish the foundation of the apps. On the flight there, we produced the first series of sketched wireframes directly on an iPad, which became the foundation of the user experience. Doing them on the iPad made it possible to quickly get an idea of sizes and flows.

Uniqlo had had a few other projects that were time-based before Uniqlo Recipe, they had Uniqlock, Unicalendar and other great concepts. This one had the egg clock as the central feature and a lot of work went into creating a really functional, beautiful and inspirational timer to work seemlessly in the app.

The app was picked by Apple as the best food app in 29 countries including the USA. Also won a One Show gold for User Experience.

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Uniqlo Recipe App

Fashion meets food

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