Stine Goya

A Branded Shopping Experience

A site that reflects the foundation of the brand

Designer Stine Goya established her namesake brand in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2006. They came to us to get a unique online shopping experience that would reflect the brand experience you would get from walking into on of their flagship stores.

Early decisions

With the client we decided to build it in Shopify with integrations to their ERP system. Shopify can fight a bit against the concepts, but we found ways of getting around these constraints. We wanted to tie the collection pages close together with the shopping experience and for that to happen we had to start hacking.

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Like stepping in to a flagship store

This e-commerce solution tries to portray the unique feeling of the brand while giving a nice and tailored shopping experience. Every season the site changes colours to match the season and when going back through the seasons you get the flavours of those as well. Just as in the flagship stores, there are no white walls here. When you are in the shop related pages, the site is this warm eggshell colour, when in the Journal, the site changes to an aubergine colour. In that way we create universes around the site that bleeds into the background when ever you encounter one of these items. A rich colourful experience

An ever changing and highly branded webshop

In the end we have a responsive site and a very happy client. We set out to create a shop that would inspire visitors in several ways and be drawn in by the brand universe. The client can apply new seasons and create completely new universes for these inside the backend without the need of support from their agency (us). Stine Goya now has an online platform that won’t hold them back from any dreams of world fashion domination.

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Our role in this project included Strategy, Concept Development, UX Design, Visual Design, Art Direction and Development.