Goodie App

Redesigning Magasin's loyalty universe

A new and
redefined look

With the Goodie App you get more out of Magasin. As a Goodie member, you will be pampered with a wide range of magical benefits such as gifts, competitions, events and VIP shopping. The more you spend, the more benefits you get access to. The Goodie app is your access to the entire Magasin loyalty universe. Here you can follow your earnings and see which Goodies are waiting for you. The design is based on an experience of accessible luxury that is tailored to you. Everything from icons to interface elements are tuned for this experience.

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Custom Icons

We spend a lot of time on creating an icon family that really captures the essence of Goodie and Magasin. The main icon is a representation of the facade of Magasin du nord, the main store in Copenhagen.


We lead you in to the app with a minimised onboarding and sign-up flow where you are presented with all the benefits and opportunities in the app and what you get in the program.

Your overview

At the heart of the app is an overview page that gives you a quick glimpse of your current status and when scrolling also an overview of all the new goodies and opportunities that is relevant for you.

Events & services

You can sign up to events and different services that ranges from beauty experiences to talks and member specific specials.

Beauty universe

Within the beauty universe you can earn special deals and products from some of the leading beauty brands in Magasin.

Competitions & vouchers

Throughout the experience with the app and the Goodie universe, you will earn vouchers and get opportunity of taking part in competitions. Custom flows support this both when you are in the field, and when you are standing in the store by the counter.

Extended shop experience

Your app is your Goodie card and you can scan the app in the store to register purchases and earn benefits as you go along, and you can also use the app to scan the products in the store to give you information about sizes and availability. This is just the start of a fully connected shopping experience.

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Our role in this project included Strategy, Concept Development, UX Design, Visual Design and Art Direction. The app was developed by Magasin.