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Building a platform for Subway Surfers

A New Home for Jake & His Crew

With more than a billion downloads, Subway Surfers is one of the most popular mobile games in the world. There's a good chance you've already met Jake, Tricky, and the rest of the bunch. And now they also have a place to live on the web. SYBO Games wanted an outlet for all the unique stories and content created around the game's universe everyday. A destination that would make the fanbase come together, and come back in anticipation of where the game is going next.

Animation with Character

Animation and playfulness were key in our work. We wanted the characters to come alive with movement and interactivity, so users would be able to connect and get the full story around each character. The content was created as a collaboration, based on a huge inventory of character images and animations.

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Full Creative Control

We extended our approach to include playful reveal animations and subtle parallaxing effects across the site. And knowing the site’s editors would have strong viewpoints, we made sure to create a back-end that allows full control over both layout and animation.

Making a Splash

We also redesigned the website for SYBO Games, the game studio that created Subway Surfers. Both sites went live early 2017.

For both websites we handled concept and structure, UX design, visual design, art direction, and front-end + back-end development.