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We specialise in Branded E-commerce and have refined our approach to working in the field of evoking product desire, creating lasting first impressions and lifting the overall brand experience you get when interacting with shops we make for our clients.


For the last 7 years we have worked with Shopify and Shopify Plus to create rich tailored E-commerce experiences on the platform. We work with Shopify both in headless configuration, more traditionally and sometimes with a companion CMS.

What does it cost?

We build fully custom front-ends on top of the great Shopify and Shopify Plus capabilities. A Shopify solution made by us typically takes 3-5 months and starts at €50.000 and Shopify Plus takes 5-8 months and starts at around €85.000. These are rough indications and in some cases it's cheaper, and in others it's more expensive.

A bit about us

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A decade of experience

We are a dynamic digital creative agency based in the vibrant city of Copenhagen. With a strong belief in strategically founded and highly crafted digital experiences, we strive to create remarkable solutions that captivate our clients and their audiences.