Won Hundred

Brand refreshed - Shopping streamlined

A Won Hundred percent new commerce experience

Since the beginning “rock and roll" lifestyle have been an influential source of inspiration at Won Hundred, which over time have shaped the heart of their identity. This is embodied in the continuous use of denim and leather, where they always try to move the boundaries of the Scandinavian and minimalist approach. Keeping your digital presence fresh is vital in creating a healthy business, and Spring/Summer came into the picture for this major refresh fuelled by ambitious KPIs and an in-depth brand process.

So what have we done?

The new wonhundred.com is build on Shopify with SPY integration. We made a few design directions and opted to go with a direction that clearly defines areas and spaces with lines and columns. We use tickers to display important information which create a unique feeling and give it a bulletin kind of vibe where everything slides together and fits perfectly. Lookbooks gets a slightly different treatment and all sale items and overviews are coloured to make them stand out.

Take a look for yourself.

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The surprising variations

Because the site is build in a strict grid with lines falling together with pixel perfection, we can play with some surprising elements. On all sale related pages, the editor can set a colour to make those pages stand out completely. This can be changed from season to season. They can add a announcement bar from the top which can also be styled from Shopify, and they can add tickers to give a break in the very grid based look. Animations are kept to a minimum but used to make the pages appear nicely without taking too much attention.

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Spring/Summer did the overall concept, UX design, visual design, art direction and production of a custom front-end set-up on Shopify. A full Spring/Summer production.