UIA 2023
World congress of architects

Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind

Designing a site for an event 4 years in the future

For the first time a UIA World Congress of Architects will be held in a Nordic country and Copenhagen, Denmark is honoured to host the Congress in 2023. Spring/Summer designed and built a flexible website that allows the UIA 2023 team to express a multitude of stories, cases and subjects leading up to the event.

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Sustainable goals

Under the overarching title “Sustainable Futures – Leave No One Behind” the UIA World Congress of Architects in Copenhagen 2023 aims at making architecture a central tool in achieving the Goals and establish global sustainability practices across all architectural disciplines by 2030.

Architecture and the 17 SDGs

An important part of the site is the case section which ties important contemporary architectural work together with the 17 SDGs. This section will grow over time, and will be a key aspect in categorising architecture in a way that makes sense in modern times. This will serve as an inspiration and also be a key subject for the congress taking place in Copenhagen in 2023.

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It's all in the smaller details

Working together with the UIA 2023 team we designed and built a website that lets the sustainability aspect shine through. With the UN 17 SDGs at the centre of UIA 2023, we used the colour elements from the logo in their original angles to represent each SDG as well as visually classify each case. We also looked at classic architectural drawings and took elements from these, all in a quest to make a design that will work 4 years in to the future. The flexibility of the site enables the messaging to change during the period leading up to 2023: from raising awareness, seeking partners, encouraging architects and other people within the industry to join the movement, to focusing in on the conference and getting tickets. While being able to stand the test of time visually.

Our role in this project included Strategy, Concept Development, UX Design, Visual Design, Art Direction and Development.