Titan Sinkware

Australian kitchen upgrades served through Shopify

Niche products deserves a tailored experience

Titan is a company from Australia and they make simple but impactful products for the kitchen. At the core is their range of sinks in a range of colours. the coloured metallic addition that turns your kitchen from commonplace to exceptional. In gold, rose gold, stainless steel, or the more subdued shades of matte black and gunmetal, there’s a Titan artisan sink to suit every colour palate. And the most discerning of tastes. Spring/Summer was chosen as agency partner to create an online experience shop that conveys the quality and feeling of the products in an optimised customer experience flow. Build on Shopify for ease of use and endless possibilities for us as creators and for the client to make the site evolve over time.

Visit titansinkware.com

The materials are the center of the story

You navigate the site by colour of the material which makes for a nice visual representation of where you are on the site as well as creating a level of sub-branding for the product family. These colour families are listed down the homepage and represented as entry points in the navigation. We have tried to recreate the metallic finish in roll over effects which gives that tailored look.

Beautiful typography, bold images, colour matched environments and seamless shopping.

Titan does all content management on their own and will be launching more product groups very soon. Stay tuned.

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Our role in this project included Strategy, Concept Development, UX Design, Visual Design, Art Direction and Development.