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The Apartment

A visual facelift and improved navigation

From a beautifully restored apartment in Copenhagen, The Apartment showcases handpicked vintage and contemporary interior design and art pieces. They came to us as they needed help improving their online site; upping the user experience, updating the visual look and making the site future proof in terms of responsibility. We set out to focus our attention on a set of key goals: Landing a smooth and subtle navigation, designing a visual layout that supports big-scale imagery and developing a user friendly backend. We knew that the project would require an ongoing close collaboration between our UX, design and development departments.

User-friendly backend

To give ourself the most freedom and ensure the easiest workflow from backend to front-end when updating content, we decided to create our own custom Wordpress theme for the site, only supported by a select few pre-made plugins. The new system includes an updated organization of page types and functionalities. It also covers an improved search experience via synonyms. In sum, the backend has been optimized to make it as easy as possible for the client to update and tweak the content.

Inspiring visual and smooth browsing

The new site uses full bleed imagery for headers and a 3-column grid layout down the pages which allows content of different types and sizes to appear side by side. The effect is a seemingly casual, and quite original, showcasing of content with a tight bottom alignment. In terms of navigation, the site's primary menu as well as footer has been cleaned up and restructured to allow for a more intuitive navigation of content. It also introduces an in-page navigation on different levels to make the browsing experience even smoother.

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Almost every department in our office took part in moving this project forward including development, ux, design and project management.