Denmark's TV, Series
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Creating TDC & YouSee’s entertainment apps for the Danish streaming market

The app that
entertains Denmark

Denmark’s biggest telco offers a branded entertainment universe free of charge to all its customers. A great challenge that we love being a part of. We've been defining the look and user experience of YouSee's digital entertainment platform since January 2013. The content spans movies, TV series, live TV and kids-related content, and it's made available in a website and apps for iOS and Android. With more than one in ten Danes using the service, YouSee Play represents the ongoing transition from cable TV viewing to native digital platforms in a crowded space of big players such as Netflix and HBO. In 2014 YouSee introduced a TV archive as part of the service, enabling timeshifted viewing on all channels by up to a month—a feature that has truly revolutionised TV watching in Denmark.

YouSee Play

We've been working closely with YouSee to define two generations of their Play apps and three versions of the web edition of the service. Their offering matured from when we started by designing a browser-based TV viewing site, to today. We've had many launches in the process, some with full makeovers and new identity, others introducing new functionality. We’ve come up with an intuitive system for navigation and exploration with a visual layer metaphor to make sure you don't get lost in the app. Today, YouSee Play is an expansive catalogue of on-demand and live content from many different providers and with lots of handy functionality to enhance the viewing experience for the user. You can use it on iPads, iPhones, Android devices of all sizes, or in your favourite web browser. With consistency across all platforms, we see it as an ecosystem of its own. One we're really proud of.

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TDC Play

In partnership with YouSee we took a big leap in 2014 and recreated the app from the ground up to support multiple brands, letting YouSee sister brand TDC deliver the same content, functionality and code base to their customers, but in a blue TDC brand universe instead of green. We created a design system that would let the TDC brand come to life with its own typography, icons and colours, and a navigation system with just the right amount of flexibility, so each brand's content managers had the freedom to tailor the experience to their target group.

Our role in this project includes UX design, visual design and overall art direction.