A Danish brand on a journey to digitalise the way we design, manufacture, and buy furniture.

Manufacturing process defines the design

Taking cues from how the furniture is designed and how the CNC machines cut the materials, we designed a functional UI where you get a familiar yet very distinct look which supports the content hierarchy and guides the user. The site is fully modular which gives a wast editor freedom. Dynamically controlled animations tells stories about the functional furniture and gives an extra dimension to the browsing.

Modularity in product and site

You can build your own personal desk by adding special features like wireless phone charging, integrated Sonos speakers and other cool stuff. With the same mindset, the site is modular and not template based. This makes it possible for Stykka to radically change the look of a page and configure it to suit the purpose - what ever purpose may come up. This is made on Shopify, and really pushes the normal restrictions of Shopify.

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At the heart sits the PDP (Product Detail Page) which can take different shapes depending on the product type. It can be very deep like you can find on the Last Desk™ page or a shorter format like on one of the accessories pages Sonos plugin for Last Desk™

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We did the UX, UI design and the over all concept, as well as the front-end and back-end code. Content was done by Stykka including 3D & motion by Frame.