Implement Consulting Group

800 minds are not exactly thinking like one

Change with impact

How do you capture the complex structure of a company like Implement Consulting Group and turn it in to an informative website destination? Well we started off by making sure we got to know them from all angles, by interviewing key personal, their clients, used our experience and all these inputs formed the site as it is now. It is a multilayer structure that reflects the company as a whole. They work within and across silos and they produce a ton of content which we can outlet in a similar fashion. We have Topics, Communities of passion, Expertise areas all containing articles, events, cases and sourced insights. The platform is build as a range of modules of which you build sections, pages and articles - all made to work together and be flexible enough to give a variated impression over time. An organic site for the future.

Multi layer structure of both company and site

A key feature in the site is a bit hidden. It is a visualisation of the path you have traveled which appears in the navigation when you have been through several overlays.

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Activating the communities within the organisation

Implement Consulting Group are over 800 people and they work with in 5 main expertise areas, which again is divided in 50 Communities of passion. Each of those have around 20 expert consultants within and they produce and find content to populate within the individual community. This gives quite a stream of content that you can discover in many ways throughout the site.

A knowledge base for future clients and employees

The two main target groups for the site are employees (new and current) and clients (current and future). There are major overlaps in how we communicate to the target groups but at launch the homepage is mainly targeted towards recruitment. That being said, the site is build around knowledge sharing and this benefits all visitors dropping by. With we believe that we have created a platform the truly reflects the company while enabling them to share their knowledge to the world. It is responsive, flexible and ready for what the future holds.

Our role in this project included Strategy, Concept Development, UX Design, Visual Design, Art Direction and Development.