Clever charging

One of the biggest electric vehicle charging companies in Scandinavia

Full freedom with no shortcuts

Clever is one of the biggest electric vehicle charging companies in Scandinavia. They offer charging solutions both at home and on the road, and have a mission of making electric vehicles an effortless choice. Based on the fact that the majority of people visiting are people who don’t own an EV yet, we designed a website that educates and inspires people to make the switch. Besides restructuring the site to make it as easy for the user to find the information he or she is looking for.

Establishing the brand online

The new website was part of a rebranding process and takes a major role in the positioning of the company. The design is meant to feel effortless and support the idea that driving an EV is not about giving up freedom of movement - it's the exact opposite. Small design details all tie in to the concept of going from one place to the next and focus is more on the pure experiences than stats and figures.

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Being smart
about it

The former site already had a lot of organic trafic from potential EV buyers and current owners, both looking for a charging solution, but also people looking for the right car, and one of the places to find most electric vehicles is on the Clever site. Here we make sure to guide the potential buyer in the best possible way, and remember to remind them of the Clever bundles that are available with many EV car purchases. This happens in a simple yet extensive car overview. Other services on the site includes a charging network map and full product overview.

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Our role in this project included Strategy, Concept Development, UX Design, Visual Design, Art Direction and Front-end Development delivered in a component library.