One Platform. 100 Websites

A website framework serving Carlsberg Group’s brands across the world

A design and content framework

Carlsberg Group’s big online move is a website framework called Pegasus. It allows their 500+ brands to think consumer and content first, speak to fans every day and share experiences across every market, channel and screen size, securing the widest digital footprint possible.


Lord Somersby is the father of many great discoveries – but the most famous of them all is probably Somersby cider. Building on the fantastic and far-fetched history of Somersby Cider, we dreamt up a wacky look made of animated gifs, textures and other small elements from their universe. The site is a one-pager with an integrated product section.

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An abbey beer, loved by food gourmets, told through the great fable of the phoenix. Using the grid and filters we made a storyline that brings the legends of the phoenix and the beer to life. The brand’s graphical style is heavily influenced by great adventures like The Lord of the Rings and when designing the site, we made sure to take it all the way.

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Tuborg is an international brand enjoyed in more than 70 countries around the world. Everywhere the brand is known for its refreshing taste and its connection to music, festivals and fun. was the first site on the Pegasus platform. It’s where we first defined the responsive tagging and filtering system that allows a brand to support multiple activities and activations.

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Visit Carlsberg

With nearly 200,000 visitors a year, Visit Carlsberg is one of Copenhagen’s major attractions. The Carlsberg Museum & Business Centre is the city’s new event, meeting and conference venue with its own restaurant and bar in a unique setting. Building on the Pegasus platform we made a site that can mix exhibition info with history and other information. The design has hints of both old and new.

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DraughtMaster™ is an innovative system that sets a new quality standard for draught beer in bars and restaurants with a smoother, fresher and more consistent beer experience. We made a website that shows the advantages in a scrolling experience. Consumers will meet this site at point of sale, so we made sure to think mobile first and make the experience quick and to the point.

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Spring/Summer’s role included UX research, strategy, framework design, visual design, art direction, content creation and front-end development for the main brands.