Carl Hansen & Søn

Design and UX for proud Danish Furniture Design

The design heritage

Carl Hansen & Søn produces some of the most iconic Danish furniture and they do so in Denmark on their own factory. It's a very hands-on process to make this furniture - each one is a real piece of functional art. We were briefed on designing a site that lives up to this design heritage and makes it possible to tell deep stories about each product, the designers that made them and the company that ties it all together. We were picked in a pitch for the creative agency role for our ability to convey the quality of the products and create a brand hierarchy thats makes deeper ties between the products and Carl Hansen & Søn.

Always there to inspire

You can buy all your furniture at Carl Hansen & Søn and to get the user inspired we had a big focus on creating editorial experiences that are tied closely together with the shopping functionality. This makes it possible for them to tie products together around environment-photography which, in return, makes it possible for the end-user to buy complete looks or get inspired to combine things differently. This also applies to the product detail page where you can always find different configurations of the same product just below the main feature to keep you inspired all the way through the funnel.

A truly responsive shopping experience taking advantage of a mobile first generation in both B2B and B2C target groups.

Easy to use & smart filter system

At the UX core we have a filter system that has a bit more depth to it than what meets the eye. When using the filters you actually start configuring the products directly in the product overview page, meaning that if you choose at specific material, you see that reflected in all the products directly in the overview.

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We won the pitch for the creative agency role which means that we have been responsible for UX strategy, Design and QA up until development which was handled by another vendor.