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E-Commerce for By Malene Birger

A customer centric brand journey

The iconic high-end womenswear brand has renewed itself under the reins of new creative director Mathilde Torp-Mader. We worked with By Malene Birger’s brand and e-commerce teams to give the online experience a tailored makeover that fits the brand’s ambitions. Equal focus on brand alignment and boost in conversions and transactions were the foundation for our work.

Our design approach

We were commissioned at the same time as By Malene Birger got a new Creative Director onboard which means that our work was part of a major shift for the brand. Our task was to interpret the new direction for the brand without having actually seen any of the new clothes - not an easy task. We went ahead with the feeling we had had from the initial talks, and the finished product actually ended very close to our starting point. An aesthetic simplicity with a calmness surrounding it. From a UX design perspective our approach was very much about building on best practices and proven theories in a mobile first setting, springled with some forward thinking ideas about activating shop functionality in editorial content and giving some extended possibilities in regards to the editor experience.

Editor flexibility all the way to Paris

With several versions of each site module available and infinite possibilities in combinations the editor role is made easier and more fun - this is reflected in the site where you will feel that the site is changing with the seasons and evolve over time. We also build an internal promotion system that makes it possible to inject shop functionality in editorial content as well as ability to promote CRM related initiatives inline in the core shopping flow. A very flexible editor experience.

By Malene Birger now has a solid platform for both brand and commerce exercises, a site that can breath with the seasons and follow the growth of the company.

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We won the pitch for the creative agency role which means that we have been responsible for UX strategy, Design and QA. Development which was handled by another vendor that IC Company works with on other projects.