The Sound
of the Road

A collaboration between B&O Play and Rapha

Launch H6
Rapha Edition

The brief was to create a story around the launch of the B&O Play H6 Rapha Edition over-ear headphones – a collaboration between Danish brand B&O Play and British cycling brand Rapha. B&O Play and Rapha wanted to introduce this new version to bike riders and fans of the brand. The story would primarily live on B&O Play’s web platform as a microsite, but parts of the story would also be used in consumer touchpoints i.e. social media, the B&O Play Journal and in-store.

Connecting sound
and cycling

We wanted to underpin the connection between sound and cycling. In particular the effect of music during preparation, turbo sessions, and recovery. This connection formed the basis of the experience with a simple narrative of three chapters: prepare, race and recover. The backbone of the experience is the story. But the key to the experience is to tell it in an entertaining way that will keep audiences engaged.

Prepare, Race and Recover

The story takes users on a journey through the zones of cycling: prepare, race and recover – and talks about the things that connect sound and cycling together. It also highlights the beautiful details of the product. The story comes to life through a parallax scrolling format, with a mix of images and video. This helps keep the user engaged and entertained throughout the story. Sound is a key part of the experience and we wanted to use the distinctive sounds of cycling. Multiple audio layers make up a dynamic sound design that can be triggered based on where the user is in the story. The navigation is inspired by the classic mountain stages, we all know from races like the Tour de France. It follows the user through the story, and helps tie the experience together. No longer online

Spring/Summer did overall concept, UX design, visual design, art direction, content development and production of a custom front-end and integration with existing back-end.