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Head of Technology

We are looking for a fantastic developer and natural leader to help us define the next generation of digital experiences and reshape a dream team of developers.

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·  Experience in managing teams or a strong desire to do so
·  Ability to guide our clients on tech choices
·  A strong understanding of HTML, CSS and JavaScript
·  Care about transitions, interactions, and generally how stuff looks and feels
·  You want to make websites that perform
·  You have relevant work experience from an agency or consultancy
·  You are an EU resident or have a European work permit

What you will be doing

We are looking for a full stack web developer or a front-end developer who loves building out full experiences, from beautiful front-ends with a keen eye towards motion to ideally setting the full stack.

You will guide our clients in the tech space, and work together with sub contractors and collaborators to give our clients the best possible guidance in our projects.

You’ll join our team of designers, UX’ers, Project Managers and developers who are making digital experiences at an award-winning level. You will help us take the dev team to the next level and help shape how we build our solutions.

We are experienced in a wide range of technologies from vanilla JS to advanced frameworks, different pre- and post-processing tools, and templating languages like Liquid, Twig and Razor – but also headless approaches with only JavaScript. In the end, we’re not tied to any particular stack but prefer to work in a somewhat unified manner.

These are some things we’ve built previously:

· CMS-driven websites (Craft CMS, Wordpress, Umbraco, Contentful, etc.)
· Ecommerce sites (Shopify, WooCommerce)
· Corporate sites and platforms
· Immersive web campaign experiences
· iOS and Android apps (Native and React Native)

About us

We collect intelligent, sweet, smiling, talented people who are capable of making things on a level that is hard to find elsewhere. We want to be proud of the results but also the process, and we take great pride in having good relationships with our clients.

We are an international company anchored in Copenhagen Denmark; we speak English around the office and we act in an international market. We're born out of the Scandinavian design philosophies where functionality meets aesthetics and the whole becomes greater than the sum of its parts. Based on a strategic foundation, we build services, ecommerce shops, apps, experiences, brand identities, create content and help our clients tell stories about their products. Our passion is craftsmanship and we have worked with start ups, American Express, Implement and a number of global brands.

Want to work with us?

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We will have ongoing interviews and are looking forward to hearing from you! Please apply no later than September 30th.
Write to us at

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