Creative Developer

Job opening

We are looking for an ambitious creative developer to work on the next generation of digital experiences. We collect intelligent, sweet, smiling, talented people who are capable of making things on a level that is hard to find elsewhere. We want to be proud of the results but also the process, and we take big pride in having good relationships with our clients. We are an international company; we speak English in the office and we act in an international market. We also collect nice clients, which makes it all easier and more fun. What you will be doing You’ll join our team of seasoned creative technologists and developers who are making digital experiences at an award-winning level, using a multitude of technologies. It’s our priority to make sure that you get to work on stuff that’s interesting to you. These are some things we’ve built previously: iOS and Android apps CMS-driven websites Ecommerce sites Immersive web campaign experiences Interactive installations and displays We also expect you to bring something to the table - disciplines, methodologies or technologies that you like. But above all, we expect you to have an open mind and be interested in trying out new stuff. Requirements · You are an EU resident or have a European work permit. Apply at